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{body_cult_laboratory} is a clothing, jewelry and accessory design brand. It draws its inspiration from the physical and the metaphysical, the human body, behavior, cultural fetishes, ritualism, mythology, folklore and symbolism. There’s a concept behind every piece of our creation.

Our products come in exclusively small quantities (maximum up to 10 pieces), but the majority of items are just one piece in existence. This provides our customer with the ability to own a unique piece of work.

We believe in liberation and slow fashion. For this reason, we don’t do seasonal themes. Instead, we constantly release small ‘Capsule’ collections or just spare items, often replenishing the stock and giving freedom to our costumer to purchase wanted items despite the season of the year. The majority of our designs can be defined as gender fluid.

{body_cult_laboratory} is all about being conscious and environmentally aware. All unsold items are recycled and remade, but never destroyed or thrown out. We respect our work and our planet. All waste is regulated.

Our brand focuses on those who value human craftsmanship and precise hand-work. But at the same time, we appreciate imperfection – raw edges, cracks, wrinkles, eloquent textures and surfaces. It takes time, care and devotion to design and produce each item. There’s a ritual and experimentation involved in everything we do.

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